Get the most out of your Distributed Energy Resources. 

Build more effective, lower cost Virtual Power Plants – faster – with Serious Controls.

Distributed energy resources (DER’s) are the key to a more sustainable, reliable, and lower cost electric grid. Interfacing with DER’s flexibly – and in a way that embraces evolving technologies, market dynamics, and business models – is imperative to maximizing their impact. Learn more about the Serious Controls DERMS.

Decreasing technology costs, decarbonization trends, and aging legacy grid infrastructure are driving the continued deployment of battery storage, EV’s, flexible building loads, and more. Align your VPP strategy with your customers’ goals and needs to ensure faster deployments, lower costs, and more efficiency. Learn more about Serious’ distributed energy resources.​

A VPP is more than just DER’s. A cohesive strategy that considers DERMS design, DER selection, use case development, wholesale market strategy, customer engagement, installation, and ongoing DER management drives maximum value and satisfaction to both your organization and your customers. Learn more about Serious’ other services.


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