Introducing the Serious Controls DERMS

Distributed Energy Resources – batteries, solar, wind, EV charging stations, flexible building loVirtual Power Plants, in which an aggregate of DER’s acts in unison to support these functions, are increasingly becoming a central part of LSE operations.

Building and managing a VPP is a complex challenge requiring a powerful solution. Enter the Serious Controls DERMS – open, flexible, and powerful VPP software for your renewable energy grid.

Introducing The Serious Controls DERMS
A Serious Advantage: Ownership

A Serious Advantage: Ownership

When implementing a VPP strategy, it is imperative that you retain access to the DER’s you deploy. The Serious Controls DERMS runs securely and reliably on your network – meaning you own it, forever. You keep the benefits of platform updates, patches, and new functionality without sacrificing any flexibility in how you own and operate your assets. Most importantly, develop your strategy with the peace of mind that you’ll always have access to your VPP and its underlying assets.

A Serious Advantage: Open Standards

Open protocols are at the core of what we do. Our DER integrations are based on OpenADR and other common hardware/software communication protocols, ensuring maximum coverage of the DER marketplace. The entire platform is open and accessible via secure, permissioned API’s, allowing you to integrate with new DER’s, your internal functions, or preferred vendors/partners as you see fit. And with a growing stable of DER partnerships, off-the-shelf integrated technology, and in-house hardware, Serious can start deploying your VPP immediately upon implementation.

A Serious Advantage: Open Standards
A Serious Advantage: Flexibility

A Serious Advantage: Flexibility

  • Enterprise solution installed and managed on your network
  • Dynamic and flexible composability of DER’s into Virtual Power Plants of any size and asset makeup.
  • ISO-wide, hub/load zone, nodal, or custom DER grouping instantly available for dispatch
  • Asset monitoring, data collection, and M&V of DER’s/VPP’s employing best-in-class meter data quality and settlement standards
  • Load availability forecasting and scenario modeling
  • DER schedule optimization
  • Natively supports OpenADR 2.0b and other common communication protocols
  • Streamlined onboarding of new DER’s via contractor and field support interface

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