More About Us

Today’s electric grid looks nothing like the grid of the past. Smaller, distributed, and intermittent generation resources – both on the grid, and on your rooftops – are changing not only how and when you pay for energy, but the entire electricity market landscape. So for building owners, control and transparency is imperative, but it’s only the first piece of the puzzle; to complete the clean energy transition, buildings need to “catch up” to the increasingly renewable world of electricity generation.
Serious Controls aims to bring the “energy” back into “energy management.” At our core, we constantly think about the 21st century electric grid in considering how buildings consume energy. We start by providing all building owners with a controls and monitoring platform that has previously been reserved for only the largest facilities and most expensive systems. From there, we help those building owners reduce energy costs more dynamically, by considering minute-to-minute energy cost fluctuations in controls decisions, and by working alongside utilities to facilitate a cleaner, more sustainable electric grid.
With a founding team from all corners of the building controls, energy efficiency, and demand side management spaces, Serious Controls is – well, Serious – about changing the way building owners understand, consume, and control energy consumption.