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A VPP is more than just DER assets. It sounds simple, but the most common failures occur in the design, marketing and implementation of your VPP strategy. Laying the groundwork for your VPP requires a holistic point of view, and expertise that extends from your power trading desk to your customers’ electrical panels.

As we implement our DERMS, we want to be sure you’ve answered the key questions surrounding your VPP strategy. What assets do I want to deploy? Which customers will I target? How will DER’s affect my wholesale market strategy? How do I balance the customer value with my own internal needs? What is the customer engagement strategy? How do I ensure that contractors and DER installers are organized and professional?

Strategic Consulting and Advisory: Laying the groundwork for a successful VPP

  • DER/VPP Program Design
  • Use Case and Value Proposition Identification
  • Technology/ Vendor Selection
  • Stakeholder Coordination
  • Regulatory Consulting (negotiate terms/program incentives)
    • Tariff and Customer Contract Development
  • Software and Technology Consulting
  • Electrification initiatives

DER Implementation: Maximizing speed, efficiency, and customer satisfaction in deploying your VPP

  • Facility Engineering/Consulting
  • Customer Engagement & Communication
    • Marketing materials & leave behinds
    • Outreach campaigns
    • Trainings
  • Contractor Management and Coordination
    • Contractor Selection
    • Contractor/Builder Guidelines
    • Contractor Trainings
  • General Contracting/Permitting

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