Enterprise Level Building Controls


roviding best-in-class monitoring, transparency, and peace of mind to small and midsize commercial operators.

Developed based on years of building controls and energy market experience, and built leading IoT communication standards, the Serious Controls BAS connects you to your buildings – and your buildings to the energy markets – the way no other system can.

Enterprise Level Building Controls

Next Generation Controls for the Commercial Space

  • Replace your disconnected, legacy thermostats with Serious’ cloud accessible hardware.
  • Access and control your entire enterprise from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Remotely maintain and enforce operating schedule, night temperature setback conditions, or temperature thresholds
  • Optimize thermostat and sensor placement for the most efficient use of your RTU’s
  • Proactively identify and be notified of potential faulty equipment, failing fans/compressors, or other costly issues with your HVAC systems

Fully Market-Integrated

Not are kilowatts are equal. Most automation systems focus on reducing as much energy as possible, and fail to recognize the value of market integrated decision-making. Serious Controls’ open design and adherence to common utility/power market protocols unlocks an array of incremental savings and revenue opportunities.

  • Integrates directly to energy markets, IOU platforms, and DERMS.
  • Time-of-use and tariff integrated operational schedules
  • Day-ahead and real-time energy arbitrage
  • Solar and distribute energy-optimized scheduling
  • Utility, IOU and ISO demand response programs
  • Retail power supply integration and custom revenue streams
  • Fully customizable, no-code logic programming for unique control strategies

Babblefish: Monetize Legacy DER Assets Today

As load serving entities work to integrate DER’s and the demand side into their strategies, they face two majory integration challenges: ensuring that all newly deployed hardware is compatible with DERM’s and control software communication protocols, and integrating legacy DER’s and demand side hardware into new systems and strategies.

The Babblefish is tailor-made to address these needs. Whether dealing with legacy field hardware or newly deployed systems, this simple hardware device comes equipped to translate common hardware protocols (Modbus, BACnet, [OTHERS?]) into new-age, distributed energy protocols like OpenADR (or IEE 2030.5?).

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