Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and Alarming

We are serious about indoor air quality. Our latest line of IAQ monitors feature premium, Swiss-made components and deliver quality sensing, instantaneous air quality readings, and an option for custom, remote alarming – ensuring your home or work environment stays healthy and safe.

Affordable and Reliable

Designed with the sophistication required for the commercial and industrial environment, our IAQ monitor is also affordable for in-home use. If you’re looking for the next level of quality sensing, then our hardwired permanently installed IAQ monitors are what you need. Our sensors mount in a location and are powered by your thermostat or an external power supply, eliminating the headache of regular battery replacements.


The Serious Control IAQ monitor is equipped with an easy-to-use TFT touch display that provides access to critical data, alarms, and history. From the front display, you clearly see if your indoor climate is healthy and if your air purification system is working. Combined with our LTE Gateway, the IAQ monitor can be remotely accessed and send text and email alerts.


Each IAQ monitor is uniquely identified in the Serious Controls system, allowing one or thousands to be installed throughout your home or facility. Whether the IAQ monitor is included in new construction or as a retrofit, it offers easy installation, connection, and configuration. When combined with the Serious Controls platform, you can use our custom mapping UI to upload floorplans, drag and drop IAQ sensors, and quickly identify troubled areas. We take the complexity out of large-scale deployment and bring high quality, reliable IAQ monitoring into your organization.

Generate reports

Get in-depth details of air pollutants from your sensors to identify trends and risks.

Multiple users

Authorized users within your organization can access your IAQ data.

Observe occupancy

Identify usage patterns in line with your IAQ data.

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